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For better 3D graphs download our 3D Graphing Calculator instead.
Also try our Smart Math Calculator for day-to-day calculations.

New In Version 5.80

  • New feature: Now you may save axis and draw settings as well as equations in files and open them later.

  • New feature: Table of points can be plotted.

  • New feature: Polygons can be created from points.

  • New feature: Distance between polygon lines can be calculated.

  • Improvement: Having = sing in equations is no longer mandatory.

  • Improvement: You no longer receive multiple annoy error messages when invalid equations.

  • Improvement: Creating a new file resets the axis and draw settings.

  • Improvement: Current equation being plotted is highlighted.

  • Bug fixed: The AxisSetup would crash when clicking on Division text box.

New In Version 5.72

  • Bug fixed: The AxisSetup would override the specified range.

  • Bug fixed: The equations would not be drawn properly when range changed to large values.

New In Version 5.71

  • Bug fixed: The AxisSetup dialog would get extremely slow when long range were inputted.

  • Bug fixed: The AxisSetup dialog would mess up the previously specied axis range when either number of divisions or units were changes.

New In Version 5.70

  • New feature: You may specify x,y,z min & max range through AxisSetup dialog box.

  • New feature: The 2D axis is drawn at its correct 0,0 coordinate. Alternatively you may select to fix the axis in the middle of the sheet as was done in the previous version.

  • Improvement: The preview of AxisSetup dialog box is more accurate.

New In Version 5.60

  • New feature: Coordinate tables to allow users to plot (x,y) coordinates.

  • Improvement: Zooming is improved.

  • Bug fix: Plotting 3D equations would result in all black color unless the color was manually changed.

New In Version 5.55

  • New feature: Multi-Selection of equations for Draw setting change.

  • New feature: Toolbar buttons for select all.

  • Improvement: Opening equation files is now faster.

  • Improvement: Double-click on draw area now opens dialog box in center of click.

  • Bug fix: LN function would skip the next operator.

  • Bug fix: Opening files with 3D equations, then pressing Draw would draw all black.

  • Bug fix: Error messages would pop up even for those equations that were deleted.


New In Version 5.54

  • Improvement: Drawing doesn't redraw axis every time.

  • Improvement: Enter key now draws the graph.

  • Improvement: Ctrl + N now creates new equation.

  • Bug fix: Clear sheet button sometimes wouldn't work.

  • Bug fix: Axis setup would hang if Div value is erased.

  • Bug fix: Error messages would pop up even for those equations that were deleted.

New In Version 5.51

1) Improved User Interface that allows you to:

  • Set the drawing attributes, such as color and size, of each equation separately.
  • Use the improved equation panel to easily enter equations.

 2) Improved graph quality for complicated equations:

  • Equations that do not begin with y= or z= are complicated and involve a complex set of computations. These computation algorithms are greatly improved in version 5.51 to generate the most complete graphs.

New In Version 5.0

1) Improved Axis Customization that allows you to:

  • Set the number of divisions on x, y and z axis independently of each other.
  • Set the length of divisions, in millimeters, for x, y or z axis.
  • Set the number of units that each x, y or z division represents.
  • Select to draw the new improved Grid lines for both 2D and 3D graphs.
  • In 2D, set the x-axis to be trigonometric.
  • In 2D, stretch the x-axis to have the x-axis longer than y-axis (useful in landscape graphs).
  • In 2D, select to have tick numbers displayed for each tick in the x and y axis. Customer the font, color and size of the tick numbers.
  • In 2D, select to display x, y labels and display arrows at the end of each axis to denote continuity.
  • Customize the size and color of all axis elements mentioned above.
 2) Faster 3D Graphing and improved graph quality:

  •  3D graphs are now drawn using polygons instead of pixels, therefore much faster and better quality.
  • You now have the option of drawing the wire-frame lives on top of a rendered 3D graph for better visual understand of the graph.
3) Better print and print preview:

  • The print preview now pastes the graph over a panel of actual paper size, so you know exactly what the printer outcome will be.
  • You now have the option to add text to any place on the graph and even edit and move those texts with ease. Font and Color can be customized as well.
  • Both landscape and portrait can be visually seen in print preview before printing.
4) Improve User Interface:

  • Many bugs with user interface have been fixed.
  • Opening and closing dialog box are now visually animated to be more appealing.
  • Sound effect is added to user interface.
5) Improve Help File


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