A&G Equation Grapher 5.80
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Graph mathematical functions and equations in 2D or 3D with this advanced graphing calculator.Equation Grapher, Function Grapher

- Easy graphing calculator
- Beautiful user-interface
- Plots functions: y=sin(x)
- Plots equations: sin(x) = y2
- Easy and detailed customization of axis
- Rich print-preview and sheet option features
- Copy, print and save graphs
- Enjoy tools for tracing, slope, area, etc.

Easy for Graphing Equations

Graphing equations has never been any easier! Just type down the desired equation (e.g. y=sinx+x2) and click Draw to plot the equation.

Advanced Equation Grapher

Graph equations of any complexity! A&G Grapher can handle any combination of x y z variables. Equations can be as simple as y=sin(x) or as complex as y+xy = 3sin(x).

Function Grapher for Graphing Equations

Graph equation and use the available tools...

Use tools for analyzing and modifying the plotted graphs. Tools for rotation, matrix manipulation, computation of area under the curve, plotting slopes and tracing graphs. Graphs can be printed, or saved as BMB picture files or copied and pasted in your word document.

Graphing Equations with 3D function graphGraph equation for graphing equations

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