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Smart Math Calculator that is the easiest and most precise calculator in the world.

- Type any math expression and see result.
- Over 20 math functions & scientific constants.
- Get precise results up to 1000 decimal digits.
- Get results in fraction form.
- Define your own variables & functions.
- Super fast calculations.
- Variable calculator.

Easy To Use & Super Fast...

Yes, this is the easiest to use calculator in the world. When you are calculating a mathematical expression, every second counts. Simply type down a math expression and observe how the sub-total is calculated immediately after each stroke.

Best Math Calculator

Variable Calculator...

Isn't it frustrating to keep track of previously calculated expression? In our Smart Math Calculator not only you can have multiple expressions at same time, but you can also assign the result of these expressions to variables and then use the variables in other expressions. The free variable calculator can solve for unknown variables. You can also create your own functions that receive one or more parameters.

Calculator Define Variables Functions

Convenient User Interface...

The beautiful user-interface of our Smart Math Calculator is designed carefully to make life easy for you. If there is a problem in your expression it is highlighted in red as you type it. If your expression contains new variables, new text boxes will be added automatically as soon as you press the Enter key. The advanced keyboard panel contains not only the built-in functions and constants but also your defined variables.

Advanced Scientific Calculator...

A wide range of advanced features are available in Smart Math Calculator including precision control that allows results to be computes up to 1000 decimal digits or displayed as exact fractions such as 1/3. More advanced features include the possibility of defining recursive functions with base-case conditions and more.

Precise Decimal Digits Calculator Fraction Calculator

Try Online or Download Calculator...

This is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.


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