Statistics Problem Solver 2.2
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Using Statistic Problem Solver program is quite easy. All you need to do is to fill in the data fields and push the solve button. Each and every form of Statistic Problem Solver has 3 main frame that are:

  • Data Frame: You must fill in all or some of the fields included inside this frame before proceeding with solving it. This frame is the only Input frame. Once you're done entering the statistical data in the fields within this frame, push the SOLVE button and the rest is done by computer.
  • Sample Question Frame: To make it easier for the user to understand the nature of questions that can be solved by the current Statistics Problem Solver form, a sample question is displayed here. This output frame will be updated each time you enter or change the data inside Data Frame.
  • Solution Frame: Finally after you push the SOLVE button, the list calculations and steps involved in solving the requested statistical problem is displayed inside Solution Frame followed by the final conclusion.

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