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New In Version 4.0 (Feb 1, 2014)

  • New Features:
    • Faster calculations and rendering.
    • Allow saving graphs as .obj 3D models.
    • Allow inputting numbers in their scientific form. eg: 1.3e5
  • Improvement:
    • Simpler user-interface.
    • Easier mouse rotation with mouse by keeping z-axis up.
    • Reduce CPU usage.
    • Improved and easier Axis settings dialog.
    • Easy one-click installation.
    • Automatic future updates without need to reinstall.
  • Fixes:
    • Error in parametric equations used to highlight the wrong line.
    • ln( ) function used to take too long to compute.
    • Cancelling computations used to take several seconds when heavy calculations was in progress. Now it happens instantly.
    • The % operator used to give error if not used at the beginning of the math expression.

New In Version 3.2 (March 08, 2010)

  • Improvement:
    • When typing data in coordinates table in polar mode, the (x,y,z) part of the table is automatically computed.
    • Improved error messages.
    • No longer declare new variables automatically to avoid confusion.
    • Show proper error messages when unknown variables or functions are used.
    • Support for 64bits in Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Fixes:
    • Parametric equations in 2D and 3D would not plot properly.
    • Importing polar coordinates would not generate graph.
    • Creating new polar coordinates table would not generate graph.
    • Equations with undefined regions (like half circles) would draw a flat line or surface over the undefined region.
    • Math result box would flicker when computing.
    • Draw settings dialog would not show correct data initially after program is started.
    • Table and parametric were selectable simultaneously.
    • 2D axis would not show by default if program is started with preloaded 2D equation.
    • Confusing error message would show when missing function parameter.
    • "Canvas3D: null GraphicsConfiguration" error.
    • "" error.

New In Version 3.1 (July 10, 2009)

  • New Features:
    • Inequality graphs (supported in 2D, 3D, Cartesian, polar, spherical and cylindrical equations).
    • Slider control for changing variable values.
  • Improvement:
    • You can now switch between 2D and 3D graphs by right clicking on the equation and selecting from pop-up menu.
    • Improved color shading along y and z axis.
    • Do not add blank line until a key pressed.
    • Focus is automatically gained when enabling an equation or changing its z= drop down.
    • Progress bar that appears when starting the program is enhanced with more useful information.
    • 2D sheet is zoomed in closer by default.
    • Free Edition now allows 5 equations instead of just 2.
  • Fixes:
    • Axis color and visibility could not be changed.
    • Axis grids would not redraw properly when changing axis length or number of divisions.
    • Keypad would not show x,y,z buttons.
    • After opening a file with disabled equations, if you enable the equation it wouldn't be plotted.
    • Changing Theme would add an extra blank line.
    • Graphs that approach infinity like 1/x would keep disappearing and reappearing when rotating.

New In Version 3.0

  • New Features:
    • Beautiful new user-interface.
    • Draw attributes can be saved as presets.
    • Axis settings can be saved as presets.
    • Coordinate tables can exported and imported as CSV files.
    • 3D equations can be plotted as transparent graphs.
    • The shininess of shaded graphs can be controlled.
    • Lines can be drawn as well as surface polygons in 3D graphs.
    • Zoom in, Zoom Out, and Zoom All buttons added.
    • The Axis Settings are saved when saving equations in files.
    • In full version, the previous equations and axis settings are automatically restored every time the program started.
  • Improvement:
    • Improved Axis Setup controls.
    • Option to change Axis Range while fixing # of divisions.
    • Axis labels can now show decimal numbers.
    • More columns shown in coordinates table for parametric and polar equations to show complete values of all variables.
    • Switch color button added for gradual colors in Draw Attributes.
    • Automatically selected a different color when inserting new equations.
    • The state of Anti-Aliasing button is saved and restored next time the program is started.
    • Selecting new file resets the axis settings to default.
    • Automatically draw the equations when opening files.
    • Automatically switch to 2D/3D axis when clicking on a 2D/3D equation.
  • Fixes:
    • [Table #] sometimes is highlighted in red.
    • Tables are drawn even when un-selected.
    • -(2+2) evaluates to 0 instead of -4.

New In Version 2.6

  • New Features:
    • Polar coordinates in 2D.
    • Cylindrical coordinates in 3D.
    • Spherical coordinates in 3D.
    • Parametric equations in 2D and 3D.
    • Allow limiting the range of equation parameters.
    • Example button to insert sample equations on the fly.
    • All settings are saved and reloaded next time the program is started.
      • This includes: windows size and location, precision, number of decimal places, angle units and fraction.
  • Improvement:
    • Settings are now
    • Brackets in front of functions are now optional.
    • The blank equation automatically switches between 2D/3D depending on which axis is currently displayed.
  • Fixes:
    • Initially wrong axis was drawn in 2D.
    • Selecting/deselecting Table checkbox used to insert new blank equations.
    • x= would not be plotted when x range was larger than y range
    • Log(x) would not plot anything.

New In Version 2.5

  • Improvements:
    • A blank equation is automatically inserted at the end of equation list for convenience.
    • Moving through equations with arrow keys is made easier.
    • Faster redraw by avoiding the draw of unnecessary graphs.
    • Reduced pop-ups in Free-Edition.
  • Fixes:
    • Graph is sometimes not automatically updated with the last keystroke.
    • Result textbox sometimes disappears randomly.
    • Value table is sometimes not updated.

New In Version 2.4

  • New Features:
    • Center Axis option.
    • Axis Glass Plates option.
    • Instant graphing as you type an equation after each key stroke.
    • Ability to "cancel" drawing.
    • Clip graphs within axis range.
    • Auto-add new blank equation.
    • Graph equations that start with either x= or y= or z=.
  • Improvement:
    • Plot graphs in a separate background thread so that user-interface is always fast and responsive.
    • Faster graphing in multi-core computers.
    • Improved axis drawing.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed NaN error with root(x), or root of negative numbers.
    • Fixed NaN error with ln(x), or ln of negative numbers.

New In Version 2.3

  • New Features:
    • Plot 2D and 3D graphs of arbitrary (x,y,z) data.
    • Generate the x-y-z value table of 2D and 3D functions.
    • Modify the x-y-z value table of function and plot the modified table.
    • Plot 2D functions as points or lines
    • Plot 3D functions as points, lines (wireframe) or polygons.
    • Ability to control precision and number of decimal places.
    • Ability to turn anti-aliasing (smoothness) on or off.
  • Improvement:
    • More precise computations up to 1000 digits precisions.
    • Faster load time.
    • Check for updates at exit time instead of start time.
    • More clear error messages.

New In Version 2.2

  • New Features:
    • Ability to define your own functions.
  • Improvement:
    • Improved initial 3D view direction.
    • Rotation animation and rotation with mouse can now be done together and at same time.
    • Degrees unit is available as well as radians.
    • Color box is added next to each math expression.
    • Faster load time.
    • Improved initial window size.
    • Improved window appearance.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed problem with the reversed rendering surface when in DirectX mode.
    • Fixed the animation delay.
    • Fixed problem with corrupted graph view after resizing the window.

New In Version 2.1

  • New Features:
    • New Smart Math Calculator features added. You can now type any math expressions and the program immediately calculates the result.
    • You can define your own variables to be referenced by the functions that are to be plotted.
  • Improvement:
    • You are no longer forced to put -1 in brackets when typing x^-1
    • Faster loading time.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed problem with 3D axis. The x and y axis are now at their correct positions.
    • Problem with negative numbers inside brackets are solved. (-1) now returns correct result.
    • Problem with consecutive negative operators is solved. -(-(-1)) now returns correct result.
    • Problem with Auto Update popping up even when "Don't ask again" is selected is fixed.

New In Version 2.0

  • New Features:
    • Change color of background, axis, grids, tick-label and more.
    • Animate-rotate the graphs.
    • Reset graph-view.
    • Short keys for inserting equation.
    • Copy graphs to clipboard.
    • Save graph to file.
    • Print graphs.
    • Save and open equations files.
  • Improvement:
    • Improved error msg, with red highlight-only when lost focus.
    • Display error msg when x,y,z axis range are invalid.
    • Auto add 3D formula when in 3D sheet.
    • Auto-save recently used colors in color chooser dialog box.
    • New menu bar.
    • Auto-update.
    • Splash screen with progress bar.

New In Version 1.3

  • New Feature: Support for over 20 new functions, such as rootn, min, floor, sinh, etc.
  • New Feature: Support for over 15 constants, such as Pi, e, k, c, etc.
  • New Feature: Keyboard panel is added for convenience. All functions and expressions can be typed using the keyboard panel.
  • New Features: rootn(n,x) function can now correctly solve odd roots of negative numbers.
  • New Feature: "Redraw All" button is added.
  • Improvement: It now generates error msg if a function or variable is not supported.
  • Improvement: It now generates error msg if you pass more or less parameters to a function than expected.
  • Bug Fix: It now accepts 2y to be 2 multiplied by 'y'. No longer required to type 2*y.
  • Bug Fix: In the event of rendering error, it now shows an error msg instead of shutting down silently.

New In Version 1.2

  • Improvement: New version of Java3D 1.5.1 is used for improved rendering.
  • Bug Fixed: It would crash when OpenGL drivers were not installed. Now it automatically switches to DirectX if OpenGL is not available.

New In Version 1.1

  • Improvement: Plots graphs automatically even if you don't press Enter.
  • Improvement: New user interface elements are added.
  • Improvement: Error messages for invalid math expression are improved.
  • Bug fixed: It would generate invalid result whenever parenthesis () are used.

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