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  1. Click on "3D" graph in Draw Attributes.
  2. [Make sure "Cartesian" coordinates is selected in Draw Attributes.]
  3. [Make sure "z=" is selected in front of the yellow text box.]
  4. Type in a function such as: sin(x)+sin(y)
    • You may use x and y variables if "z=" is selected
    • You may use x and z variables if "y=" is selected
    • You may use y and z variables if "x=" is selected


Plotting 3D is same as plotting 2D except your functions can use variable "y" in 3D mode. Continuing the example of the previous section, follow this step:

  • Click on "3D" in Draw Attributes.

The 3D graph will be automatically plotted. If it didn't, then click on "Redraw All" button.

For better visualization you can rotate or zoom in the graph as explained in next section.

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