Graphing Calculator 3D Implicit

Implicit Equations

Plotting implicit equations is as easy as typing them down. For example if you type x^2+y^2+z^2=9 the program will plot the graph of a full sphere.

There is no limit on how complex the implicit equations can be. All possible combinations of x,y,z variables are allowed. In addition to Cartesian coordinates you can also plot polar, cylindrical and spherical equations in their implicit forms.


  • Cartesian equations:
    • x+y^z = z/x
    • sin(x*y*z) = x/y/z
    • -(cos(x)+cos(y)+cos(z)) = 0
    • 2^(x+y+z) = log(x/z)
  • Spherical equations:
    • 2pi = sin(θ+φ)^r
    • sin(θ+φ+r) = θ/φ/r