Calculus Problem Solver 1.0
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Solving Differentiation
Valid Inputs
Displaying Detailed Step-By-Step Solutions
Practicing With Quiz

Solving Differentiation

Entering functions in Calculus Problem Solver

Valid Inputs

When entering the equations make sure the following general rules hold:

  • The only valid variable is X (small or capital letter). Any other variable such as e, pi, var and etc will be considered as a constant.
  • Multiplication sign (*) can not be omitted. (ie. 2x is invalid, 2*x is correct)
  • Multiplication has higher priority than addition. Use parenthesis to avoid confusion. (ie. x+2*x is same as x+(2*x))

Examples Inputs:

  • x+2*x
  • (x+2)*x
  • x^5
  • 2^x
  • e^x
  • e^(x+5)+x^5
  • sin(x+2*x)
  • cos(x^2)
  • tan(x*x)
  • arcsin(2*x)
  • arctan(x)

Displaying Detailed Step-By-Step Solutions

The Detailed solutions generated by Calculus Problem Solver clearly demonstrate:

  1. How the problem was divided into pieces;
  2. What differentiation formulas have been used;
  3. What values are substituted in the formulas;
  4. How the partial solutions were substituted into each other to give final answer.

Displaying Detail Solution in Calculus Problem Solver

Practicing With Quiz

  1. Type the input function;
  2. Select "Quiz";
  3. Press "Start".
  4. Select the correct formula when prompted.

Selecting Formulas in Quiz feature

If you select a wrong answer, you will be notified and will be given a chance to try again.
Selecting a wrong answer will be detected by Calculus Problme Solver

Upon selecting a correct formula, you will be prompted to enter the correct substitutions in the formulas.
Substituting values in quiz feature



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